Back in 1896, a school of higher learning was built and was named Wingate in honor of Washington Wingate. Today, we know this school as Wingate University.

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In the early 1900’s, Perry Mill Company was the first industry in the town of Wingate. The company purchased lumber from saw millers and prepared the lumber to be shipped elsewhere. The mill was in full swing until it was bought by Helms Industries after World War II.

After World War II, Wingate had about five operating grocery stores. The town began to flourish. By 1948, the town had formed its first volunteer fire department and by 1955 J.B. Whitley was the first policeman of the town.

Now Wingate is a thriving small college town. Being only about 25 miles away from Charlotte, Wingate provides the perfect opportunity for students and families to experience a small town life while still being able to enjoy the queen city atmosphere when desired.

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